Monday, December 29, 2008

Ornament recording day 4

The songs are done. Jake, Knox and Mike did gang vocals and then we packed up all the gear. Within the next couple of weeks we'll have it mixed and get the ambient tracks recorded, then it'll be done and ready for Thrashed to do their thing. The artwork is on it's way to being finished as well.

Ornament recording day 3

Well the first Moutheater full length is almost done. Got a couple guitar tracks finished up on Saturday night then I came in today (again, technically yesterday at this hour) and finished them. We got bass and vocals done today as well. It was a late night. Tomorrow we do gang vocals and pack up all the equipment.
We also have a bunch of photos (courtesy of Mr. Nathan Novak) to pick from for the cover. The whole back of the building we recorded in is abandoned. We went back there and on the roof Friday night and Nay Nay took a ton of photos of all the creepy shit we saw. Some of the dudes found a dead bird on the roof tonight and we might do something with that as well.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ornament recording day 2

Been tracking drums all day. Almost done. Then we'll start tracking guitar. I'm hoping to finish at least half the guitar tonight. Stoked about tracking really late tonight. We're in this huge room on 21st street with large windows overlooking the street. Everyone's staring at us haha. The bums late at night are the best. They'll stand right outside the window dancing and shit. They're stoked as fuck. I wish I got that excited about anything.

Ornament recording day 1

Got everything into the ballet studio today (technically yesterday at this hour). Spent all day setting up and getting everything situated. We got the drums done for 2 songs. We'll finish those and get guitar out of the way tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Saw Cough and Tombs last night. Both bands ruled it hard. Cough was so fucking good. A Moutheater/Cough show will happen soon. It must.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The world is crashing in around us

It's so painful to watch everything you love turn to shit. The world as we know it as music lovers and music makers is changing forever, and fast. Enjoy the last of the smoldering ashes while you still can. RIP Reptilian Records. You will be missed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You'll always be an easy target..... long as you speak open and honestly and don't worry about what others think. It's a tough and unfair world. Clear your own path no matter what anyone else says.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunn O))) candle

Got this candle when I saw Sunn O))) a couple of weeks ago. They lit candles all around the church and I grabbed one of the ones next to me as I left. Got a shadowbox for it yesterday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Death Beds

This book is so fucking amazing.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mix of random shit for Ryan

Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead-Om
This Town-Green River
To The Moon, Alice-Nixon
It Takes No Guts-Superjoint Ritual
Spahn Ranch-Church of Misery
In 'N' Out Of Grace-Mudhoney
Emotional Cockroach-Tad
Anenome-The Brian Jonestown Massacre
It Took The Night To Believe-Sunn O)))
Up Beat-Rapeman
Ashamed Of My Cum-Pissed Jeans
Blessed Black Wings-High On Fire
Ball And Chain-Big Brother & The Holding Company

Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 mixes

This is a mix I made for a co-worker who wanted to hear some "crazy" music haha. He wanted me to make a cd of the "craziest music" I could find but I thought if I just put stuff like pig destroyer on it he'd think it was all just noise so I made him this cd instead.
War on the Telephone -Celebrity Murders
Dead Is Dead-Fight Amp
Hearts-American Nightmare
My War-Black Flag
Year Of The Pig-Coliseum
Sicillian Smile-Planes Mistaken For Stars
Bitter And Then Some -Converge
Hell Comes Home-Cursed
Screaming At A Wall-Minor Threat
Get It Off-Disfear
Where Strides The Behemoth-Mastodon
I Watch You Sleep-Panic
Earth A.D.-The Misfits
Deadly Rhythm-Refused
Color Of Fetters-Envy
Absentee Debate-Unbroken

Nirvana mix for Hunter with the new fight amp album tacked on the end. He still hates Nirvana.
1. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
2. Milk It (Live)
3. Happy Hour
4. Spank Thru (Live)
5. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
6. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
7. Scentless Apprentice
8. Drain You
9. Marygold
10. Pennyroyal Tea (Live/Acoustic/Solo)
11. Something In The Way (Live/Acoustic)
12. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Live/Acoustic)
13-20 are “Hungry For Nothing” by Fight Amputation

Monday, March 17, 2008

Indie Celebrity Sightings

These are some (mostly camera phone) shots of some cool stuff that I've seen in the past few months. I'm gonna buy a decent camera and start taking more pictures to post on here eventually. I wish i had done that a long time ago. I'd love to have some photos of cool shows and stuff i went to way back when. Oh well, better late than never i guess.

Matt Pike (High On Fire)


Henry Rollins (and myself)

Henry Rollins

Moutheater (my band) recording with Steve Albini

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Track listing for the stoner mix

Disc 1
Sweet Leaf -Black Sabbath
Slippin' The Stealth-Goatsnake
Power Of Love-Jimi Hendrix
Sleepy Time Time-Cream
Queen-The Melvins
Final Sac-Swans

Disc 2
The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)-The Smashing Pumpkins
Anenome-The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Let's Jump In-Dead Meadow
Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead-Om
Narcotics And Dissecting Knives-Minsk
She Lived for Others, But Died for Us-Buried at Sea

Disc 3
Misty Mountain Hop-Led Zeppelin
I'm Waiting For The Man-The Velvet Underground
Return To Nod-High On Fire
Tarpit Carnivore-Torche
Satanic Rites Of Drugula-Electric Wizard
4th Of July-Soundgarden
It Took The Night To Believe-Sunn O)))

Disc 4
Etna-Sunn O))) & Boris
Water Is Not Enough-Neurosis
Battle At Sea-Mastodon
If Crimson Was Your Colour-Witchcraft
Sacred Predictions-Burning Witch
Friends Are Evil-Jesu
A Message Of Avarice Rained Down and Carried Us Away Into False Dreams Of Endless Riches-Red Sparowes
Ball And Chain-Big Brother & The Holding Company