Thursday, January 29, 2009

The lowest common denominator...

...surrounds us. Every aspect of the "plain person" lifestyle revolves around ignorance, mediocrity and being comfortable with what the television and society hands you. Don't ever get too comfortable or you'll end up like them.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fucked Up

I drove to Charlottesville to see Fucked Up play last night. This is what a punk/hardcore/whatever you wanna call it show should be like. They were beyond amazing and the (extremely amatuer) photographs that I took don't even begin to share how insane this show was. This band embodies the spirit of punk. It was confrontational, inspiring, frightening and fun all at the same time. It was true musical beauty.
I've seen a lot of mediocre and "they were decent" live performances over the years and sometimes you see so many that you lose sight of what a truely amazing one really is. It's been a long time since a band has truly blown me the fuck away. Fucked Up gave me a much needed reminder of what seeing a band is supposed to be like. For my mental well being I needed this, I needed to see that punk can still exist and hasn't been lost in watered down, boring, caricatures of itself. Fucked Up did this for me last night and for that I can never re-pay them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I wish I hung out with people more/more people. I don't know when I became such a hermit. I need more conversations.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too seriously???

It's irritating when someone tells me somthing to the effect of "it's just music man, don't take it so seriously". Fuck that. I don't watch sports, I don't go out and drink regularly, I don't play video games, I don't collect stamps, coins, bottle caps, 4 leaf clovers or whatever the fuck else people do. I play music. And I put everything I have into it. So yeah I take it seriously as fuck.

Stop throwing your ideals out the window...

...or at least stop calling yourself punk.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Almost there

Tim and I did some more work mixing "Ornament" yesterday. It's very close to being done. The artwork is well on it's way as well. I'm very pleased with how everything's coming out.

The track listing will be (not that this really tells you much of anything):

Side 1
1.Swallowed Whole
2.The Big Breath Before The Deep Plunge
4.The Center Of The Universe
5.Negative Life

Side 2
3.Obsolete Rhythm
5.Negative Death

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

There are some places...

...where I need to be more thoughtful, some where I need to be more hateful and some where I achieve the perfect balance.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Myself and the other Moutheater dudes went to the launch party for this magazine that we're gonna be on the cover of next month. We're playing a show at their space on the day our edition comes out (February 27th to be exact). Should be pretty cool. The show sounds like it's gonna be fun. The magazine is called 24 Seven Cities.

Everyone I met tonight was nice. Had some absinthe for the first time, chatted a little and then we all headed over to another bar to see my brothers band play. Did some more drinking there and saw a few old friends. A good evening all and all. Gonna do some more work on mixing Ornament this weekend. We're almost done and the various photographs for the cover and insert should be ready soon. I'm gonna go listen to Prurient on the headphones now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something that struck me

This is from the Reversal Of Man-Revolution Summer insert:

"if we feel we have to watch what we say in this open minded scene of ours, if we feel we have to dress or act a certain way to fit into this scene, which it seems like this is the case, then that is when you need to throw this away and build something new."

There's a lot of people doing what they think will make them cool and going with the flow right now. The backlash will be soon and you want be laughing anymore.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vicegrip cassettes

Just finished doing an edition of 30 cassettes for my friend Knox's hardcore band. Check the Swim Harder Cassettes myspace if you wanna order one.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have acquired one of these...

...I can now move forward making the most anti-social "music" I can think of. The first Debris Amour cassette will be out soon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rock 'N' Roll stemmed from the blues: The 60's and 70's

This is a mix that I recently made for a co-worker that couldn't believe the fact that rock music actually came from/wouldn't have happened without the blues. The 2 of us and another co-worker had a long conversation about this in which we tried to explain the evolution of how over the past however many years, rock music has gone from Ledbelly to Nirvana. He asked if I'd make him a cd to give him a frame of reference on the earlier stages of this evolution and this is what I made along with the accompanying explanation for my choices:

Rock ‘N’ Roll stemmed from the blues: The 60’s and 70’s

1. Ball And Chain by Janis Joplin with Big Brother And The Holding Company
2. The Motor City Is Burning by John Lee Hooker
3. Decoration Day by John Lee Hooker
4. Voodoo Child Blues by Jimi Hendrix
5. Hear My Train A Comin’ by Jimi Hendrix
6. Rip This Joint by The Rolling Stones
7. Turd On The Run by The Rolling Stones
8. Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin
9. I Need Somebody by The Stooges
10. Shake Appeal by The Stooges
11. Pills by The New York Dolls
12. Looking For A Kiss by The New York Dolls
13. Run Run Run by The Velvet Underground
14. Sleepy Time Time by Cream
15. Helter Skelter by The Beatles

The first era of music to be called rock n roll was in the 50’s. That’s when the Chuck Berry’s, the Elvis Presley’s and the Buddy Holly’s first got their start by picking up the pace on traditional blues music. I’m not a huge fan of the early 50’s stage of rock n roll so there’s not any of that on this mix. What is on this cd is a very slim sample (there’s not enough room on 10 cd’s to really make a comprehensive rock n roll mix) of the 2nd and 3rd waves of rock music in the 60’s and 70’s. Bands like Led Zep (who along with Black Sabbath would become the grandfathers of metal), The Stones, The Beatles, and Cream were English kids that caught blues fever and were determined to stomp every American that stepped in their way. Janis Joplin and Hendrix were Americans that took the traditional sound of American blues to an entirely new plateau. Then there were bands like The New York Dolls, The Stooges and The Velvet Underground who ended up being the grandfathers of what would later become punk rock. John Lee Hooker is the only full on traditional blues artist on this cd. But by the time he recorded the songs on this mix he had modernized his sound and started playing on electric instruments in a similar style as the rest of the artists on this mix.

The family friendly, PG rated version of this era in rock music presented to you by outlets like FM radio and VH1 is practically a caricature of itself. When this music was first erupting it was dangerous. Parents were afraid. Rumors of devil worship and debauchery swirled. These dudes were on drugs and would kick your fucking ass. These truly are the rock n roll bad asses you hear and read about.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I finished this book last night. There's some fantastic pieces in it. Heartworm is publishing some great stuff and the dudes that run Heartworm just opened a store in Philly called Juanita and Juans which I had the pleasure of stopping by in November. Death Beds and Wound were both great and I'm about to start the other book (Indestructible Wolves Of The Apocalypse Junkyard) that Max G. Morton wrote tonight. I can't wait for Rose Pillar (the new book/record by Prurient/Dominick Fernow) to come out. Prurient is releasing some wonderful albums right now and has definitely become one of my favorite artists, and Hospital Productions is one of the best labels/stores doing business right now. Definitely check the place out next time you're in NYC.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I finally started working on the first Debris Amour release this past weekend. I'll have a little more time to work on it once the Moutheater album is completed.
Debris Amour is my black noise/dark ambient project. I'll be releasing limited cassettes of it from time to time on Swim Harder Cassettes and maybe other labels if anyone shows interest at some point.

My top 10 records of 2008

-Brown Jenkins-Angel Eyes: Some of the coldest of the slower atmospheric style black metal that I've heard. H.P. Lovecraft is a huge inspiration for this one man black metal project. The name is even taken from a Lovecraft story. Brilliant droning oblivian.
-Prurient-And Still, Wanting: The most interesting and dynamic noise/power electronics out right now. This record is definitely one of Dominick's greatest acomplishments and will surely be looked back upon as a shining moment in his career. Dominick is also the same man behind the Hospital Productions label/store in manhattan, one of the last beacons of hope for truly independent music seekers and record collectors.
-Fucked Up-The Chemistry Of Common Life: I hadn't paid too much attention to Fucked Up until a few months ago. But after hearing over and over again from friends how amazing this band is and seeing their antics on MTV Canada, I had to see what was up. This is truly the modern definition of punk. This band blends a variety of different elements into one of the most unique takes on hardcore seen in quite some time, if ever.
-Leviathan-Massive Conspiracy Against All Life: FUCK!!! This is one of those records that's so fucking innovative and well performed that instead of inspiring you to make your own, it just makes you wanna drop out of music because you'll never be able to create anything that can touch it. The reigning king of the current wave of atmospheric black metal.
-Double Negative-Raw Energy: Easily the best 7inch and straight up hardcore record I've heard all year. This band is fast, pissed, tight and makes most of their peers look like the Chuck E. Cheese band.
-Burning Star Core-Challenger: C. Spencer Yeh is the genius behind this masterpiece. This Hospital Productions release blows Yeh's previous material out of the water. Beautiful ambient and noise textures done in a very unique way unheard of by the likes of man before.
-Fight Amputation-Hungry For Nothing: Great combination of crust and 90's groove oriented bands like Unsane and Helmet. This album is ridiculous. So fucking good, so fucking heavy.
-Iron Lung-Sexless//No Sex: If you loved Life.Iron Lung.Death. then you'll love this. Sexless//No Sex keeps with the musical ideas that were laid down on L.IL.D. and brings the production level up a notch. No one else sounds like this band, and that's a promise.
-Nekrasov-The Form Of Thought From Beast: Stellar dark ambient/black noise/black metal from Australia. You will be hearing a lot more from Nekrasov in the years to come. I anticipate some amazing records from this relentless up and comer.
-O))) Presents Pentemple: This is Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley from Sunn O))), Attila Csihar from Mayhem and Oren Ambarchi making a record together. What more info could you possibly need?
Best re-issues:
Burning Witch-Crippled Lucifer
Con-Dom-The 8th Pillar [A Confession Of Faith]
Honorable mentions:
Ocean-Pantheon Of The Lesser
Om-Live At Jerusalem
Coffins-Buried Death
Korperwelten-Avatars Of Rape And Rage
Shallow Waters-Equal Eyes

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Some are artists and some are just jocks that happened to pick up an instrument and listen to bad radio rock in their off time. Which are you?