Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Arrived

Wow!!! What a magnificent piece of work this is. I've been waiting on Prurient's Rose Pillar to come out for about 6 months now. Back in October I first heard about the project from Dominick when I was picking up some records at Hospital Productions. It sounded amazing when he described it to me and I'd been on the lookout for it ever since. Eagerly awaiting the day when Heartworm Press would announce it's release. On Wednesday they let out the news. They were ready for order. An edition of 500. As I've learned from past bad luck, releases like this sell out very quickly. I wasted no time and ordered immediately. It arrived in the mail today. It's incredible. An amazing piece of work. Dominick and the people over at Heartworm did a wonderful job on this. It was well worth the wait and it's definitely well worth the money.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Velvet Cacoon!!!

I'm so fucking excited about this. I found a download of just the guitar tracks and they sound amazing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ornament pre-orders and a new song on the myspace to listen to

We just put up another new song from the album on our myspace for everyone to check out. Pre-orders start tonight as well.

The song is called Inept. Here are the lyrics:

These clotted veins
Are full of my strange blood
I can't bleed fluids the same way
Everyone else does
I can't give to nothing
And I wont live in shame
We're all fucked
But we don't breathe the same

My lifeless shine
Is cold and dead
This existence is worthless
I can't live up to the pain

I touch the polished glass
Every day that I'm alone

Back home/Praying For Oblivion cassette update

So the Moutheater mini tour was awesome. I had a great time. Bought a ton of records, met some amazing people and played some great shows. I'll update with the full story later.

Also the last of the Praying For Oblivion cassettes are now at the Hospital Productions store so contact Dominick if you'd like one. I'm officially sold out of them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More SHC Updates

So the next SHC release is the Bjerga/Iversen cassette entitled Sewer Mist Catharsis. That will be out very shortly. Probably only another 2 weeks and it'll be available for mailorder and at Moutheater shows. This cassette will be limited to 30 copies.

After that will be the official release of Notations In Negativity by Debris Amour (which is my black noise/dark ambient project). Initially I was going to put this out as a two part cassette series but I've decided to release the whole thing as one cdr. It'll be limited to 50 copies.

Both of these items (as well as everything else from SHC) will be $4 plus $2 shipping. You can order by sending me an email (the address is listed over to the right) or heading over to the SHC myspace (address also listed to the right) and sending me a message there to let me know what you'd like and to arrange payment.

Keep an eye on this page and/or the SHC myspace page for updates on when these items become available.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Notations In Negativity recording day 2

Got everything done. Tracks are up on the myspace (link located on the right side of this page) if you wanna take a listen. It'll be out on SHC soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Notations In Negativity recording day 1

Got a lot done today. Finished all of the instrumentation and about half of the vocals. Tomorrow will be devoted to finishing vocals, mixing, and mastering. I'm beyond excited to show this to the world.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Moutheater Tour Dates + Debris Amour and SHC updates

We're doing a little mini tour next week. Here are the dates:

-April 16th @ The Stolen Sleeves Collective in Brooklyn, NY w/ Swallowed Up, Seasick, and Nomos
-April 17th @ Amerika in New Brunswick, NJ w/ Swallowed Up, Black Kites, and Valens
-April 18th @ The Farm in Powhatan, VA w/ Swallowed Up, Brain Damage, The Catalyst, Mouthbreather, The Jefferson Plane Crash, and Human Smoke

I'm going into the studio on April 13th and 14th to record the Debris Amour material. That release should be out sometime in June.

Next up on SHC is a cassette by Bjerga/Iversen who are a noise group from Norway. Very excited about this release.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well I'm back from the lovely land of Harrisonburg, VA. We had a blast last night. Here's how everything went down:

So I wake, load my gear up, and hit the road around 10a.m. yesterday morning. We get to The Burg that afternoon, I pick up our registration packet and then we head to the venue. The place we played is called Blue Nile. Very nice place. We get checked in, load in the gear and hang around until it's our turn to play. We had a good set, I was very happy with how we played.

Mouthbreather played after us. Our buddy Chris from Brain Damage is in their band but other than that we don't really know any of the dudes so it was nice to finally meet them. Nice dudes, they played a great set.

We got everything loaded out of the venue and went to eat at the band banquet. While eating I look at my schedule and realize that Pygmy Lush is about to start playing. I rush back over to the venue and come in right in the middle of their fist song. I push my way up front where our friends Colby and Jake are standing. It's packed and I'm front and center, just inches away from these dudes as they proceed to blow my fucking mind. Amazing. The best set I caught the whole time I was up there. What an incredible and passionate band. Just fucking amazing. (For those who don't know, Pygmy Lush is a bunch of dudes from Pg.99. Sometimes they play acoustic stuff and sometimes they play loud stuff in the same vein as Pg.99. If you get the chance to catch one of their loud sets then I would highly recommend it.)

After Pygmy Lush we hung out in the parking lot and waited for Young Widows. We get back inside for Young Widows and watch them play a great set. They were having a lot of amp problems as they were setting up which makes any musicians heart sink but they got it all figured out and were awesome. Afterward I got to talk to Evan for a little bit which was cool. The Patterson brothers are the ones who passed our music along to Prideswallower, resulting in us touring with them last summer. I'd met Ryan before and it was good to finally meet Evan and thank him. Evidently they'd spent all day trying to fix one of their amps. They thought they had it fixed and then it blew again. Then the backup blew. Major bummer. He didn't seem too worried about it though. He told me to e-mail him next time we were trying to come through TN. I'll definitely take him up on that offer.

So after the showcase was over we head over to an afterparty at The Artful Dodger to hang out with Dave of Custom Made Music and see Screen Vinyl Image play. We caught some of SVI's set and were so tired that we had to head out. We got to the place we were staying and try to get settled in. I, like a dumbfuck thought we were staying in a hotel so I didn't bring any blankets. I have shorts on and I'm cold as fuck at this house. I tried to get some sleep and it just wasn't happening so I just grabbed my stuff and hit the road at 3a.m. (I drove separately from the rest of the guys. I didn't leave them in Harrisonburg haha.)

On the way home I'm beyond exhausted and I'm getting really sick to my stomach. I pull over on the side of 64 East and puke my guts out just as the sun is rising at like 6:30 in the morning. What a fucking sight that must have been.

Well now I'm home and I've gotten a little bit of sleep and I'm listening to some black metal records. Life is good.