Monday, February 21, 2011

I need to...

...join someone else's band for a change. The "band dad" (as I like to call it) syndrome has worn me down too much over the years. I've never had the luxury of just being able to show up and play. I've never done someone else's thing. I want to try that sometime.

In order for me to feel comfortable taking the back seat, it would have to be a creative vision that I enjoy, find interesting, respect, and that I also don't think I could do any better if I did it myself.

There are genres and styles that I absolutely love, that I'd love to play, that I know I have the chops to play, but that I'm self-aware enough to know that it's not inside me to be the primary creative force behind a band of that genre or style. When it comes to those genres and styles, I know that I'm better suited to assist in someone else's vision that does have it inside them to create it. I have too much respect for these genres to go out and poorly attempt being a creative force within them merely because it's "fun to play with my friends". Have I done this from time to time in the past as a youngster? Sure. For the most part we all do it when we're young, dumb, cutting our teeth, and trying to find our way. But as I started approaching my mid-twenties I became very aware that in order to be the primary creative force behind something remotely worthwhile, it needs to be something that's in you, in the deepest way.

I listen to a lot of music and a lot of different types of music. When it comes to certain styles, I just know that I would be better off as more of a secondary force in the band, using my playing abilities to back up someone else's vision. I've never done that before and it's something I want to start doing.

I guess one final thought that I'd like to share is that, as musicians, we sit around with our friends from time to time listening to records and going "Holy fuck, we should do a band LIKE THAT!!!". But the reality is, that sort of thing isn't going to produce anything worth playing or hearing. Do the thing that's burning inside you and/or help someone else do the thing that's burning inside them.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hex Records Review

Hex Records did a review of Colonial:

"Here’s a band that I finally got around to checking out and man, was I floored! I immediately picked up as much of their output as I could find (as in, I paid for their records, you all should try it some day). This is exactly what I look for when I want a band that can make everything feel ugly and kick ass at the same time. This stuff is like heir apparent to the Unsane, it’s in the exact same vein and a worthy successor, should they ever keel over and die. So, onto the newest offering from Virginia’s Moutheater- this 4 song 12”. While 4 songs on a 12” might seem unnecessary it fits well as a couple of the songs break the five minute mark and the whole deal is on 45 rpm (sound quality geeks will understand). The A-side has two barn burners, more up tempo piss and vinegar rants. The B-side, which I like better, focuses more on slower material. While I have enjoyed everything Moutheater up to this point, I think they excel with the slower songs they write. Creepy guitar lines twist around the meaty low end and eventually blow up in a frenzy of mean spirited nastiness. This was even more apparent on their previous full length, “Ornament” (particularly on the track “Inept”), which I prefer over this record. but it’s still a damn good record. There is also a slight discrepancy over the recording between these two records, “Colonial” sounding a bit thinner than “Ornament”. I’m not sure what it is. All I can think of is maybe whoever mastered it played it a little safe for vinyl’s sake maybe? I’m not sure. Either way, get yourself something from Moutheater like now. It will be worth it to hate a little longer. This isn’t a bad place to start."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We are officially completely sold out of the Lot Lizard 7inch. From what I understand, Deathwish and Rev are as well. If you're looking for a copy, the last of them are in the Last Anthem Records and A389 Records distros.

At this point the only records of ours that we still have in stock are the "Colonial" 12inch that just came out and the "Ornament" cd. You can get those directly from us at the Swim Harder Cassettes webstore and/or at shows or you can get them from fine labels/distros such as Last Anthem, Rev, Deathwish, A389, etc.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moutheater Update

Moutheater has some shows coming up. We're playing here in Virginia at the end of March with Trophy Wives (members of Coliseum, Young Widows, Breather Resist, Nixon, etc) and Pan Galactic Straw Boss. We're also doing a 3 day jaunt up north with our friends Surrogate in mid-April. Click the Upcoming Shows link over to the right for all of the details.

The new record is available at a bunch of different distros. If you'd like to buy it directly from us then click the Swim Harder Cassettes link over to the right.