Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review of "Colonial" + other news

Crucial Blast did a cool little write-up about "Colonial" on their site:

"I love no-bullshit hardcore. I adore scumbag noise rock. Mix the two together, and I'm all yours. Moutheater is the latest band that I've started to get all googly over in this regard, after the Virginia band bashed my goddamn brains in with this bruiser of a 12" that came out earlier this year. Never heard of 'em before this came in to the shop, but this band of thugs sound like a bunch of seasoned vets, combining the malevolent lurch of the Jesus Lizard and Melvins and that whole Am Rep/Touch And Go noise rock thing with grinding hardcore to lethal effect. The end result is equal parts twitchy and bone-shattering. The four songs found on Colonial go from full-force lopsided thrash assaults to slower, brooding heaviness, the apex of which is "Enslaved", the first song on the flipside that combines a lethal Helmet-esque anti-groove with a vat of venomous lyrics and snarling spiteful vocals, and some fantastic atmospheric guitar work that adds an interesting uneasy feeling to the angular crush. That's followed by another top-notch chunk of aggro with the swirling, crushing dirge "Nauseous", which manages to resemble something akin to Neurosis being fronted by David Yow. Sounds pretty killer, right? The real simple artwork and album design gives this a pure hardcore visual aesthetic, while the music is a more complex, seething mass of aggression that makes for one of the best new noise rock/ hardcore hybrids I've heard lately. Sounds like it could have come out on Iron Lung Records, as a matter of fact, and any of you mutants who lust after that label's output should tune your radar on to this record, STAT. Comes with a digital download."

Other news:

-An Afternoon Of Experimental Music Part II is November 19th @ Symphonic (430 West 31st St. Norfolk, VA) in their basement.  Starts at 1pm.  $3 donation requested.  Artists playing are Panther Modern (blackened noise from Baltimore/new one-sided c60 out now on Swim Harder Cassettes), Debris Amour (if you're reading this blog then you already know), Sterilization (Head Molt member Josh Hickey's solo project), JM Wave (new jams from our buddy Jake Knibb).

-There are still copies of "Satanic Logic" by Panther Modern available at the SHC webstore.  The Debris Amour/Pan Galactic Straw Boss split cassette will be out at some point in the near future.  There are multiple items listed at discounted prices in the SHC webstore as well.

-I am currently working on/with a new band.  It features a past Moutheater member plus a member of Pan Galactic Straw Boss.  I don't want to say to much about it at the moment but it's happening and if you care then be on the lookout for upcoming info.