Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just because it's local...

...doesn't mean it's good or worth supporting.  Sitting around and patting each other on the ass for creating mediocre bullshit is only going to encourage people to create more mediocre bullshit. 

When I was younger and my shitty bands couldn't get on any of the good shows, it kept me focused and made me want to push myself and my bands to be better.  That sort of environment weeds out the crap and separates the men from the boys.  It's something that's very much lacking around here right now.

This sort of brings me to another point as well.  If you're not going to put everything you have into your band, if you're not going to really push yourself as an artist and musician to do something worthwhile, then you have no right to get upset when people don't take you or your band seriously.

If you're just aimlessly playing music "for fun" with no real purpose or drive behind it then that's your call.  It's none of my business and I'm certainly not out to police anyone or change minds.  But when you aren't respected as an artist, when your band gets overlooked for shows that you'd like to play, don't wonder why.

This really goes for a lot of things.  If you're not contributing in any way (booking shows, playing in bands, putting out records, making zines, running distros, etc) then don't expect to have an opinion that people take into consideration.  This attitude that I see where everyone wants to have a voice is bullshit.  You have to work to have a voice, you have to earn the right to have a say.  You can't just show up at a few shows, buy a few records off ebay, and expect to be taken seriously.  Get involved.  Be a part of what's happenening.  Earn your voice.

Punk culture isn't for everyone (and it shouldn't be), but it is for anyone.  What I mean by this is that it's an all welcoming culture that doesn't discriminate on trivial levels like race, religion, sexual preference, etc.  That's how it should be.  It does need to discriminate based on who is here for the "right" reasons though.  This culture (especially on the local level) can't sustain itself on people casually showing up and being involved when it's convenient.  It's sustained by people pushing, making things happen, and giving it their all.  If you're not going to do that then ok, come to the shows, hang out, and have a good time.  But be aware that you take a back seat when things that matter come up, when decisions have to be made, and when exciting things finally happen.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I never thought we'd be talking about this record again.  After years of turmoil, we are very happy to announce that Ornamant will finally be available on vinyl for the first time via Ohio’s Head2Wall Records. It’ll be a limited edition of 250. More details soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Moutheater has to bail on the June 22nd show due to some family shit that came up with one of our dudes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Due to limited supplies, the “record/cd shipped for free” deal that we were doing on the bandcamp with download purchases of Ornament and Colonial is now over.

To purchase one of the last of our hard copies of those releases head over to the Swim Harder Cassettes webstore ( or hit us up at an upcoming show.

We will have the "Grunge Pedal" stickers and a re-print of the Give Up shirt design soon.